Mar 8, 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Henley | North Texas Wedding

The Magic of Love

No matter how many times I get to photograph weddings, every time is unique. Even if I happen to take pictures at the same location or the same venue two times, none of those times is alike. Every wedding is so unique, in that those wedding details and the couple are all so different.

Some people want to have small elopements with just a few family and friends, and some people want weddings with 300 of their family and friends. Both of them are equally as beautiful and no matter what, it will always be all about you!

This absolutely picture-perfect couple was such a pleasure to work with. Their North Texas wedding was just absolutely gorgeous with all of the colorful plants outside that we got the opportunity to take pictures in front of, to the beautiful string light reception photos. Every inch of this venue was too gorgeous, and every picture was perfect.

Usually when I go into a venue, there’s always one or two spots where I’ll worry just a little bit about if there will be enough light or if I’ll have to plan to use flash for particular moments in those certain locations.

With this venue, it was literally magic! Though the reception went into the night, the lighting in the venue was absolutely gorgeous! You can see our glowing pictures we took during the toasts below.

The Henley’s

Sometimes couples wait until their ceremony to see each other and sometimes they do a first look. I’ve had weddings where it gets emotional during the first look and ceremony. This couple in particular chose to wait to see each other until the ceremony.

This absolutely paid off because let me tell you, it took everything I had to try not to cry when she was walking down the aisle. Everything was so gorgeous and as you can see by their wedding portraits, their love absolutely glowed.

Not only was the venue magical, but their love lit up the venue and everyone around them. This North Texas wedding day was filled with ear-grinning smiles instead of stress, and everything was so perfect.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Henley!

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