Mar 30, 2018

Makaia’s Bridals Session

Makaia’s Dress Details

Before Makaia’s big day, she wanted to do a bridal session that encapsulated the beauty of her wedding dress. She got dressed in her dress and veil, had her hair and makeup done as if it were her wedding day, and met me at a rustic barn so that we could catch some portraits of just her beauty, around the venue.

At the venue, we started in front of the rustic wooden pavilion in the lawn. Here we caught a landscape portrait of Makaia under the pavilion, showing off her beautiful bouquet and dress. From there we did an array of portraits, some focusing on her bridal bouquet, and some focused on the entirety of her dress.

Makaia’s dress was delicately decorated with lace from the top to the bottom. The gown was form fitting from the bust to the hips, then loosening, creating a very subtle mermaid figure.

Her dress left a gorgeous train to follow her as she walked, as it gently hit the ground. The bottom of the dress was trimmed with lace, continuing the pattern of lace seen from the bust down. Instead of full lace sleeves, the sleeves were small, delicately made of lace. They drooped slightly off her shoulders, creating a simple but elegant touch.

Her waist was lined with a rhinestone belt, breaking up the solid lace pattern of the bustier as it gently moved into a more spaced out lace pattern below the waist of the gown. Makaia’s bridal bouquet was decorated with roses of blush and white color, surrounded by a variety of greenery.

Makaia’s Bridals: Our Rustic Session

When we were planning Makaia’s bridals, we wanted something that complimented the simple, yet exquisite elegance of her dress, without taking the attention away from her.

We found a rustic venue and immediately knew that this location would be perfect.

We first started in front of the wooden pavilion, and then moved to a white bench in front of the barn. The location featured many different backdrops, including the barn, white delicate metal bench, and long tall grass.

Throughout Makaia’s Bridals, we laughed and enjoyed our time capturing her beauty.

Congratulations, Makaia!

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