Feb 26, 2020

Taylor + Tayyab // Bella Sera Ranch Wedding

Historic model chapel at Bella Sera Ranch photographed by Ryan Jordan Photography.

The Bella Sera Ranch is a gorgeous place with a stunning historic style chapel on site, modeled after a chapel in Ohio from the 1800’s. The wedding is traditional white chapel with these large amazing wood double doors. When I think of what a chapel looks like the Bella Sera Ranch historic chapel is exactly what pops into my head.

the meaning

Taylor and Tayyab could not have picked a better location for their wedding. The Bella Sera Ranch says that it gets its name from the Italian phrase bella sera which means beautiful evening. Their wedding was exactly that, a beautiful evening filled with lots of love family and friends.

A bride and groom laugh with their bridal party at their Bella Sera Ranch Wedding.

sharing laughs

Taylor prepared for her wedding day with her bridesmaids, sharing laughs and mimosas while getting their hair and makeup done. Each bridesmaid had their own custom grey pajama set. They took turns snapping classic Polaroid photos. I grew excited to capture this wedding not just because of the beautiful couple but also because of the people they chose to share this day with.

Group of women share mimosas and laughs the the Bella Sera Ranch  wedding.

The setting sunlight gave us amazing light perfectly pairing with the colors Taylor and Tayyab chose for their wedding. Shades of red and maroon paired with burnt oranges and peach tones.

emotional first look

Sometimes a first look can be a very relaxed and quite and sometimes they are full of emotion. Taylor and Tayyab’s first look was emotional. She was giddy as she approached her soon to be husband. Once he turned around he smiled form ear to ear and his beautiful soon to be bride. Taylor handed him a book “The Reasons Why”, which told him all the reasons why she loves him. He wrote her a letter. As soon as she started reading the letter tears trickled down her face because of his love for her. It was one of the most touching first looks I have ever been apart of.

Bride and groom are welcomed by guest waving ribbons at the enter the Bella Sera Ranch reception space.

After the ceremony guests gathered to welcome the couple into the reception with something truly unique. Rather then an “exit” the wedding Taylor and Tayyab had their guests participate in a wedding entrance! The guests gathered with ribbons in hand an cheered and shouted as they walked in. It was so much fun and refreshing from the usual sparkler exits I have photographed. I still love a good sparkler exit but this was certainly something new and fun.

Be on the look out for photos of my time with the bride and groom around the Bella Sera Ranch!

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