Oct 15, 2020

Taylor + Sheridan // an intimate wedding in Broken Bow, OK

Every once in awhile the world places people in your life that you just can’t help but love. Taylor and Sheridan are just those people. After their engagements and getting to know them, they feel more like family than clients. If you know Sheridan, you know that she exudes pure JOY and has the sweetest heart. She is so personable and one of the happiest people I’ve met. Taylor is thoughtful, genuine, and incredibly kind. It’s so evident that he loves Sheridan dearly, you can see it in every interaction with her.  It’s so apparent that Taylor and Sheridan were made for each other.

When I found out their day was also 10/10/2020, I was heartbroken. I immediately knew they were special and was excited that my Associate team got to cover their wedding. (Who loved them so much as well!)
Then Covid hit and they made the hard decision to postpone their big ceremony and have a small intimate “mini-mony” in Broken Bow, OK.
Luckily for me, I do get to be there for their big bash in April and I can not wait to watch them reaffirm their vow in front of the rest of their family and friends!

Sheridan and Taylor’s “mini-mony” was so romantic, relaxed and loads of fun! Sheridan and I talked about perfect places for the ceremony and bounced ideas for the exit! I LOVED when we landed at water dissolvable confetti! It’s such an exciting bonus to the walk back down the aisle!

The entire day was a dream to be apart of and I can’t wait for the Big Bash in April. I could go on and on about how amazing Taylor and Sheridan are. BUT if you know then you know. If you don’t then you are missing out!
I’m so happy for you both and excited to share these with the world!

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