Mar 19, 2018

Ana + Brandon | Castle on the Lake Engagement

Castle on the Lake

This picture-perfect, loving and adorable couple wanted a location for their engagement session that they would love years down the road. They didn’t want to choose a simple countryside or a city street, but instead looked for a location that had a little bit of everything.

As you scroll through the pictures below, it’s pretty clear to see that the Castle on the Lake is the absolutely perfect location to do a session like this. There are so many different backdrops that this wonderful location provides, differing from vineyards to beautiful stone walls and elaborate wooden doors.

Ana and Brandon pose in front of a large wooden door.

Designing their Session

To start off our Castle on the Lake engagement, the couple started in a more formal outfit. Ana wore a cute black dress, while Brandon wore a suit. Brandon wore dress shoes while Ana wore dressy brown boots. The couple started by taking pictures in front of the beautiful entry door and stone wall. They followed this by sitting on the steps surrounded by luscious green vines.

After the couple got a few different poses and locations in their formal outfits, they changed into a more semi-formal outfit. Ana wore white pants and a maroon long sleeved top. Meanwhile. Brandon wore a white button-down shirt and jeans.

During engagement sessions, I always suggest to couples that we do longer sessions. This gives us time to really explore the location we’re at, as well as change outfits and get a variety of poses.

After wandering around the vineyard further, the couple changed outfits again. Ana sported a cute white dress, and Brandon kept his nice jeans but changed his shirt to a blue button-down.

Through this Jacksonville, TX session, I was so pleased with the location, in that we were able to explore vineyards, gorgeous wooden doors, stone walls, and large fields. Everywhere you turned was a fairytale-like location, which made this Castle on the Lake engagement a fairytale in and of itself.

Congratulations, Ana + Brandon!


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