Mar 21, 2018

Kiley + Craig | Trio Coffee Shop Engagement | Downtown Denton, TX

Our Formal Engagement Session: Part One

To start this beautiful couple’s engagement session, we decided that a formal session, in suit and gown, would be the way to go. Kiley wore a stunning red gown, the top dressed with lace and the bottom dancing with chiffon. Craig complimented her dressed-up and stunning look with a full black suit and a red tie to match Kiley’s gown.

The couple and I explored the park in golden light and enjoyed taking pictures while they were all dressed up. In the park, there was a variety of scenery, including trees, a bridge, and long tall grass.

Kiley and Craig didn’t want to do their whole engagement session in formal attire, however. Next stop, the coffee shop!

Our Trio Coffee Shop Engagement: Part Two

After taking formal portraits in the park, the three of us headed to Trio Coffee Shop in Downtown Denton, TX.

At the coffee shop, the owners were absolutely welcoming in letting us do a Trio Coffee Shop Engagement session. During the portraits we posed by the Trio coffee shop sign, sat casually at a table and enjoyed our coffee, and got images that are Pinterest-worthy. As Kiley and Craig looked at each other lovingly and sipped their coffee, I was there to capture their love, laughter, and enjoyment of coffee together.

Trio was so awesome in hosting us that they actually let us sit on the counter for a portrait and made us a special cup of coffee with a beautifully made heart in the whipped cream.

I absolutely enjoyed our formal and Trio coffee shop engagement session, as we got to not only explore a local park, but a local coffee shop too (and who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?).

Thank you Kiley + Craig for designing such a unique engagement session with me. I look forward to capturing your love story further!

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