Mar 22, 2018

Nick & Aubrey | Intimate Couple’s Session

An Intimate Couple’s Session at the Lake

Not only do I get the opportunity to capture love during engagement sessions and wedding, but during regular couple’s sessions as well. Nick and Aubrey reached out to me because they loved my work, but they weren’t engaged. Well, that’s not a problem! I do couple’s sessions as well, and it was fun doing a session that was so intimate.

During the session we explored a local lake. This lake was absolutely gorgeous, as it featured trees surrounding the rocks, where we started our session. Nick and Aubrey had a blast and enjoyed showing their love for each other through laughter. They enjoyed posing for more moody and sentimental photos as well, as you can see below.

Aubrey wore a cute burnt orange romper and thigh high black boots. Nick wore a navy blue button down shirt and khaki pants to complete their look.

Our Session Location

The session location we chose was a local lake. When we arrived we fell in love with how clear the water was. As you can see from the pictures at the end of the session, the water was a gorgeous blue, and you could see straight down to the bottom of the lake.

Around the lake were enormous rocks. These rocks surrounded the lake on all sides, creating a gorge. On some sides the rocks were quite steep, but that made a perfect opportunity for us to take pictures sitting on the edge of the rocks.

Overall, this couple’s session was intimate and the location was incredible! I’m so glad that we found this little intimate lake for our intimate couple’s session. How perfect!

Thank you Nick and Aubrey for adventuring with me, and I hope to see you more in the next chapter of your love story!

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