Mar 26, 2018

Jordan’s Senior Session | Sekrit Theatre, Austin TX

Our Sekrit Theatre Senior Session

As you can see from scrolling around my website, most of my work consists of weddings, couples, and engagements. Once in a while, I enjoy taking a different type of session – one I normally don’t do.

In this case, I did a senior session with Jordan. Jordan is a local high school student who reached out to me and wanted to get her senior portraits done before graduation. She saw my work on my website and absolutely loved my style, so we picked out a few outfits, an awesome location, and we did a senior session!

The location we chose was Sekrit Theatre in Austin, TX. This is a gorgeous, rustic theatre, filled with chipping paint and tons of large windows (which is the absolute best!).

Events of our Session

Inside of the Theatre were a few props that we used during this Sekrit Theatre senior session. We started outside of the Theatre, embracing the tree lined driveway. We walked up and down the drive, getting pictures in motion, and poses filled with candid moments.

As we went inside the Theatre, we enjoyed the luscious light flowing through the large windows. It was built similar to an Atrium, giving plenty of soft light for us to use inside. There was also an antique chair we found inside the space, so we took a few portraits in that.

To accent the rustic white windows, there was an old, red brick wall. Jordan walked along this brick wall, swinging her dress to get some motion in the pictures below.

All in all, I loved taking a break from doing what I do every week (though I adore weddings SO much), as I got to spend an hour with a sweet local senior. We talked about how school went and what she planned on doing in her career.

After this senior session, I fell in love and have booked more seniors since!

Thank you Jordan and best of luck in your endeavors!

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