Simplicity is Gorgeous! Sometimes when you’re doing an engagement session with an absolutely gorgeous couple, all you need is a camera, the couple, and a soft nature scene. This fall engagement session didn’t need a cityscape or even a large park. This couple decided that simplicity was best, and let me tell you, they were […]

Troy & Jaclyn | Fall Engagement Session

Mar 7, 2018

Why do I always blog about wedding details? Details, details, and more details. We can never get enough of those gorgeous wedding details! Why? When you first get engaged your first thought is “YES!!!” and then you start thinking about the little things that you absolutely need included on your wedding day. What color will […]

Details, details, details! | The Importance of Detail Pictures

Mar 5, 2018

A Church Wedding Not very often, I get to go into the house of God to celebrate marriage. Nowadays other venue options are so popular, it is pretty rare that a couple gets married in a church. With that being said, it was great capturing a wedding in God’s house. Nora and Tyler decided to […]

The Malchar’s | A Traditional Catholic Wedding

Feb 28, 2018

A Pleasantly Unique Experience Chelsie and Hugh inquired with me and told me that their wedding wasn’t going to be a typical wedding. Sure, they wanted the luxury of great florals, matching wedding accessories, and beautiful photography, but they didn’t want every detail to be quaint and traditional. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, […]

The Champion’s | Tyler, Texas Lake Wedding

Feb 27, 2018

Getting Ready & The Couple’s First Moment During the getting ready portion of weddings, brides and grooms prepare to walk down the aisle with some of their best friends. Hayley chose to celebrate this time with some of her best girl friends, with matching white floral robes. As seen above, the Jordan wedding details were […]

Mr. & Mrs. Jordan | Troup Texas Orchard Wedding

Feb 26, 2018

Caitlin & Lathan’s Big Day Let me tell you that Caitlin and Lathan know how to celebrate a wedding! The Pilcher wedding was definitely one I will always remember. You may remember Caitlin from a previous post, where I posted about her bridal session. Their day started out with getting ready. The bridesmaids wore matching […]

Mr. & Mrs. Pilcher | A Wedding to Never Forget!

Feb 24, 2018

A Church Wedding Since barns have come into style for wedding locations, not many couples have a church wedding anymore. Nowadays, you can choose from barns, plantation homes, vineyards, the possibilities are absolutely endless. While I love the ability to create an absolutely custom wedding theme and not go to the same venue twice, it’s […]

Mr. & Mrs. Nix | A Church Wedding

Micah and her girls get ready for the ceremony.

Feb 22, 2018

Our Tyler Rose Garden Bridal Session You may have seen this location before in a few other sessions that I have done. Truth be told, this is quite a popular location for bridal sessions, and even engagement sessions. The roses and mixture of florals throughout the garden give so many different background options to take […]

Kaitlyn’s Bridal Session | Tyler Rose Garden

Feb 21, 2018

It started with a vineyard… If this vineyard above looks familiar than you’re right! You’ve probably seen it in other engagement sessions. But hey, guess what? It’s still pretty. Daylee and Thomas decided to start their 2-part engagement session in the vineyard. I mean, I don’t blame them. It is absolutely gorgeous. For their session, […]

Daylee & Thomas | Our Urban & Rural 2-Part Engagement Session

Feb 20, 2018

Our Vineyard Engagement For engagement sessions, there are of course a lot of location choices. Some couples choose to have them in cities to create an urban style, some choose to have them in gorgeous countryside vineyards. Alana and Joe decided to have a vineyard engagement session featuring their adorable pup and their favorite sports […]

Alana & Joe’s Engagement

Feb 19, 2018

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